This large land tract resides on the north side of Acton, looking south onto the valley floor. The property is broken into two parcels (APN 3217-020-041 and 3217-020-42). The boundaries of the land are Crown Valley Road to the west, Bandell Street to the south, the intersection of Crossbow Road at Bandell Street to the east and Westcoatt Street to the north. The property currently has a tentative tract map (No. 43766) for 39 estate lots. The gross size of the property is 79.6 acres, with a net size of 62.5 acres. The lots range in size from .9 acres to 5 acres, with an average size of 1.6 acres. 75% of the lots range between one acre and two acres. A possible alternative to recording the subdivision map for the 39 lots, is to record a parcel map with four 20 acre parcels.

STARTING BID: $600,000