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1949 Lincoln Coupe

This Lincoln coupe that was modified to a stock car and raced in the first Carrera Panamericana on May 5, 1950, a nine-stage, five-day race across the country that was organized by the Mexican government to celebrate its achievement and attract international business. The race was a celebration of the opening of the Pan-American Highway. The car failed to start on the fourth day and did not finish the race. It is believed to have been car #54, driven by Jimmy Hicks.

The owner bought the car in 2004 and “sympathetically” restored the car to the original race livery and it ran the California Mille in 2006 and 2007 without incident. The car runs and has been maintained while in storage.

In 2007 the owner prepared the car to race in the 2008 Carrera Panamericana. It was equipped with 2 fuel cells, a fire-suppressant system, a Ford F150 front suspension with disc brakes, and an MSD ignition with Holley carburetors. The car successfully finished the 2008 Carrera Panamericana and won the “El Automóvil Más Bonito” award for most beautiful car. After finishing the 2008 Carrera Panamericana, the Lincoln continued to participate in various auto rallies. The owner commissioned Burlingame Motors to build a new engine based on an FE Ford motor block, a 390cc engine which gave the Lincoln 375 horsepower.

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