Braun Worldbid just returned from an invigorating and informative 2015 PFAC Conference, which was held in San Francisco from April 22-25, 2015.  Presented by The Professional Fiduciary’s Association of California, Braun was proud to be a high level sponsor, presenter and host of the First Annual Client Appreciation Party.

Attended by fiduciaries from all over the state of California, the annual PFAC Conference serves as an educational and growth opportunity for fiduciaries and the companies they engage in business with.   Braun Worldbid was a sponsor of the event, and also served as a Lunchtime Lecture speaker, where we presented information about Valuations and Protection of Fiduciaries.

The conference was also well represented by the Senior Management of Braun Worldbid.  Todd Wohl, Partner, at Braun Worldbid served as the presenting sponsor.  David Jaffe, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Jim Coulter, Fiduciary Liason, were also in attendance to represent Braun Worldbid.  “The Annual PFAC Conference is my favorite event to attend each year – with 2015 being no exception.  It’s my pleasure to present valuable information to our fiduciary clients on protecting themselves, and the suite of services we offer to complement their success and business ventures each year,” said David Jaffe.

The conference was not all work and no play.  Braun Worldbid was proud to sponsor the First Annual Client Appreciation Party, which included a gourmet tasting and cocktails.  The event was held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Thursday, April 23.    “The Client Appreciation Event was extremely well attended and we received great feedback from our friends at PFAC.  It’s an excellent opportunity to pass on our appreciation to our friends and colleagues with whom we work so closely throughout the year,” remarked Todd Wohl.  Braun Worldbid plans on making this an annual event to celebrate and thank our fiduciary partners.

We look forward to another year of providing services and educational opportunities to our fiduciary partners.  We’ll see you all at PFAC 2016!