What does Braun have in common with historic, renowned companies such as Ford, Coca Cola, Exxon Mobile, GE and Chevron?  What advantages does Braun have over companies like Pepsi, Walmart, and McDonalds?   Braun has been in business for over a hundred years, joining the top 0.05% of companies in the world who have been serving clients for over a century.

Serving clients since 1908, Braun was founded by Isidor Braun in Cleveland, OH.  The family run business started in publishing educational book that were focused on translation to be used by newly immigrated citizens into the United States.   Braun started as a family run business and remains today a family run business, with the generations of the Braun family refining Braun’s business mission into what it is today – focused on real estate, investments, appraisals, and auctions.  Braun continues to grow and expand and is an industry leader in the way real estate is marketed, purchased, and sold.

Companies with many decades or centuries in business stay in business for one reason: client focus.  Coca Cola continues to grow and evolve, serving the changing tastes of consumers over the decades.  Long standing companies are also firmly positioned as innovators – willing to change, on the cusp of cutting edge technologies, and willing to take managed risks to guarantee success.  Braun meets all of these criteria, and more.  A boutique firm with the advantage of historical success, Braun services clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to your neighborhood market.

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