Braun Worldbid would not be able to provide the number and volume of services to our clients without our team of experts, the lifeblood of our business.   Each month, we’ll spotlight a selected employee and discuss experiences at Braun, expertise, and provide a day to day perspective of their duties and passions outside of work.

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Name: Peyton Toomey

Role: Director of Marketing

Where are you from and where did you attend school?  I was born and raised all throughout the state of Florida, and attended the University of Florida for undergraduate studies.

How did you end up in Manhattan Beach?  The challenge and opportunity of a cross-country move to a new industry was intriguing to me.  I had spent my entire life living in the state of Florida, and was ready to move outside of my comfort zone and pursue new opportunities.  In my previous role, I felt that I had reached the peak of my opportunity in that industry, and was ready to move to a new challenge.  After a series of successful interviews with Braun Worldbid, I packed my bags and headed cross country to pursue my next career endeavor.  It was a huge, life changing decision for me, and I’ve never looked back.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?  I am a big foodie and truly enjoy spending as much time in the kitchen as possible, exploring the Southern California restaurant scene, and taking cooking classes.  I balance out my passion for cooking and eating with an active lifestyle and enjoy distance running, yoga, and hiking.  Travel is also a huge passion of mine, and it’s important to me to explore other countries as often as possible.

When and why did you join Braun Worldbid?  I’m just celebrating my one year anniversary as the Marketing Director here.  It was important to me to find a new challenge with a strong leadership charge and work for an innovator in the specific industry.  Real Estate has always spoken to me as a calling.  Once I saw the wide variety of services and expertise that Braun Worldbid offered, it was an easy decision for me to make the change.  I knew it would be an incomparable opportunity for me to learn about every piece of the real estate industry and investment field, and take on the unique challenge of marketing to those different sectors.

What is your primary role? My principal responsibility is to define and grow brand awareness and market share for Braun Worldbid and our family of companies.   I also run the Marketing Department for Braun Worldbid, so that includes managing a staff of project managers, coordinators, graphic designers, media buyers, videographers, interns, and more.    Each day brings a new and exciting challenge!

What career advice do you have to offer?  Take time and care in choosing the right career path for yourself, even if that means trying a few different industries.  Find your passion, and live all aspects of your life giving your absolute best to everything you do.   Work hard, and play hard, too!