8300 Del Puerto Canyon Road, Patterson, CA 95363

Property Location: West of Highway 5 on the north side of Del Puerto Canyon
Road Patterson, Stanislaus County, CA 95363

APN: 021-021-004 80.00+- acres
021-021-005 160.00+- acres
021-021-006 40.00+- acres
021-022-001 32.00+- acres
021-022-051 48.00+- acres
021-022-052 40.00+- acres
400.00+- acres
Land Use: 50+- acres of peaches, 70+- acres of cherries, 280+- acres
of native livestock rangeland
Building Improvements: None
Zoning: A-2-40 Exclusive Agriculture
(40 acre minimum parcel size)
Ag. Preserve Status: Yes – enrolled in the Williamson Act
This sale is conducted under the terms of the US Bankruptcy court
Buyer agent commission 2%
Proof of funds to close required with offer

List price $12 million

The subject property contains six contiguous parcels of land generally located west of
Highway 5 on the north side of Del Puerto Canyon Road. The ranch is in a neighborhood
consisting of similar rural uses including peaches, cherries and native livestock rangeland.
the boundaries to be Corral Hollow
Road on the north, Highway 152 on the south, Highway 5 on the east and San Antonio Valley
Road on the west. The subject property has a small public road frontage on Del Puerto Canyon
Road which is most typical for livestock grazing properties in this area.