Transferable economic interest in Lombard Flats, LLC (Cal. Secretary of State Entity No.: 200835810308) that own a residential property known as 949-953 LOMBARD STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94133 (Lot 048, Block 0072). Foreclosure pursuant to Court Order dated August 14, 2017 (S.F. Superior Court Case no. CGC14542378) on Judgment Debtor Martin Eng’s interest in Lombard Flats, LLC as of July 19, 2015, whatever amount that may be, by virtue of lien on a judgment debtor’s interest in a limited liability company created by service of notice of motion for a charging order on July 14, 2015 and the entry of the Charging Order on September 10, 2015. There is considerable doubt and uncertainty regarding the percentage interest, if any, in Lombard Flats, LLC that is held by Eng that is subject to this sale. There have been numerous conflicting or arguably conflicting contentions about this issue that have been asserted in case CGC14-542378. Any interested person is encouraged to review those contentions by accessing the online records for the San Francisco Superior Court. The court has not determined what percentage interest, if any, is held by Mr. Eng in Lombard Flats, LLC that is subject to this sale. Lombard Flats, LLC is a debtor in bankruptcy subject to an active Chapter 11 bankruptcy repayment plan.

Bidding Terms: $100,000 refundable registration fee due no later than May 7th Noon

Payment in full 24 hours after the auction date.

Auction date: May 8, 2018 postponed to June 28, 2018.; auction is sealed bid

Bid form will be provided

Minimum Bid: $100,000

Bond Number 0677820