One of Braun Worldbid’s most focused area of expertise is in the field of auctions. We’re certified experts in the auction business, and our team holds every auctioneer’s certification possible and is frequently called on as an international auction expert. We’ve auctioned everything from celebrity collectables to cars to boats to multi-million dollar properties to small lots in the middle of nowhere. Big or small, Braun Worldbid can auction it all.

So, you might be surprised to learn that we frequently complete sales prior to auction. As an auction business, what’s the benefit to the client in selling prior to auction? Selling prior to auction gives the client the best of every situation – they are awarded the flexibility of a no-contingency sale, they have the peace of mind of having a sales date even sooner than anticipated, and they have a guaranteed buyer to purchase the subject property or parcel.

Recently, we sold a long-term operating Orchard Supply Hardware store in California, prior to auction. Our client was an Institutional Client, and we sold the property on behalf of the client and Core Real Estate. The clients were thrilled because Braun Worldbid achieved a higher sales price than anticipated, and they had the comfort of having the sale completed weeks before their desired sales date. The no-contingency sale closed in a matter of days, and the new owners took ownership before the original auction date. It was a win for all parties!

Braun Worldbid works tirelessly to provide the best solutions to our client base. In many cases, the best solution comes in the form of a sale PRIOR to auction. . Let’s talk soon to discuss our wide variety of sales platforms and how they may best serve you and your clients.