Our reputation for reliable Business Assets values is built, in-part, on the strength of BRAUN’s Business Assets disposition experience. Regardless of whether the business assets are located at the manufacturing, distribution or wholesale level, BRAUN has the resources and expertise to handle engagements in any industrial sector, of any scope and in any region of the world.

BRAUN Appraisal Services is aligned with BRAUN Asset Sales group. These companies have integrated their information-gathering and reporting systems to create a powerful database of reality-based, industrial inventory values that reflect current market conditions. In addition, senior executives from BRAUN’s disposition division provide guidance to our appraisers on the formulation of exit strategies that are also consistent with the realities of current market conditions.

BRAUN Business Asset Appraisal Service includes:

  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Fixtures
  • Furnishings
  • Raw materials
  • Inventory – retail, wholesale and manufacturing
  • Intangibles – IP, goodwill and trademarks, service marks, and patents owned by the business.