Increase cash flow. Maximize savings. Let BRAUN help.

Why not recover at least 5 to 10 cents for every dollar you spend on new construction or purchase? We can provide that cash back via accelerated tax depreciation by segregating building costs into shorter-lived personal property and site improvements. Also, by appraising the value of the land itself, BRAUN maximizes the benefit of cost segregation.

BRAUN engineers have reviewed over $1 billion worth of property for Cost Segregation – from large, Fortune 500 companies to small, independently run businesses looking to increase their return.

Buyers of real estate should obtain an engineering report that segregates assets into four categories: personal property, land improvements, building components and land. BRAUN provides certified, professional reports that save you time and money.

Click here to view a sample Cost Segregation tutorial.

A property owner can substantially increase cash flow by segregating property costs. Whether you are an advisor, CPA, lawyer or buying real estate, BRAUN cost segregation will help:

Cost segregation can provide real estate purchasers with tremendous tax benefits from accelerated depreciation deductions and easier write-offs when an asset becomes obsolete, broken or destroyed.

CPAs can recommend using the cost segregation technique when a property owner constructs a building or buys an existing one. It can be used even if a structure was acquired several years earlier.