Serving clients since 1908, BRAUN was founded by Isidor Braun in Cleveland, Ohio in 1908.  The family-run business started in publishing educational books, focused on translation, to be used by the newly immigrated citizens of the United States.  Isidor had nine children, many of them worked in sales and distribution as teenagers, helping their father grow the business.  Two of Isidor’s children continued in the family business until the 1960’s.  One of Isidor’s Children, Jessie Braun, married Myron Wohl.  Myron then joined the business after his completion of law school; his law degree and business experience moved BRAUN into real estate acquisitions and related real estate industry services.  Myron and Jessie’s son, Donald Braun Wohl, joined the company and grew it into Capital and Investment markets throughout the United States during the 1970’s to the late 1990’s.   Isidor’s great-grandson, Todd Braun Wohl, joined BRAUN in the 1990’s after a career building a real estate portfolio focused in the restaurant industry.  Todd’s expertise in sales, development, and auctions were an added value to the clients the company served.  In 2003, Todd expanded BRAUN’s residential auction business into its own luxury brand Premiere Estatates Auction Company.  Premiere Estates Auction Company was founded by Todd and his partner Ed Kaminsky.  Premiere’s luxury brand serves only luxury residential properties throughout North America and the United Kingdom.  BRAUN has continued to grow and has been a leader in the real estate auction industry with its WorldBid Auction brand.

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BRAUN continues to grow and expand, changing the way real estate is marketed, bought, and sold. 

BRAUN has experience working across a broad spectrum of real estate groups. Call us 866-568-6638 to learn about our expertise. You can also request a valuation online. CONTACT BRAUN TO LEARN ABOUT OUR APPRAISAL FEE CREDIT PROGRAM