“Our mission is to prioritize our clients above all else, delivering the highest level of professional services through a bespoke boutique approach and a century of expertise.”

At Braun International Real Estate, our century-long family-owned legacy reflects our unwavering commitment to you – our valued clients. We are defined by integrity, transparency, and dedication to your needs. With over $8 billion in transactions and insights sourced from a network of 3,700+ agents and brokers nationwide, we’re equipped to guide you every step of the way.

Our mission is clear: to redefine industry standards by tailoring commercial real estate and business asset services to your goals. Here at Braun, we have utilized our long-standing experience to understand our client’s needs and have adapted our services to reflect this directly. As esteemed leaders in the CRE sector, we provide diverse bidding platforms, strategic marketing, and personalized guidance to ensure you swiftly reach market value. Our comprehensive services include Valuation, Brokerage, Worldbid Auctions, Real Estate Consulting, and Minority Interest Market Exchange services – all fine-tuned to your unique requirements.

Delivering world-class expertise in the Worldbid Auction, Brokerage & Valuation of commercial real estate, business, business assets, partnership interests, and securitized notes.

With our headquarters in Los Angeles and a strong presence in pivotal cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and London, our team of experts is here to help you limit liability while leveraging our decades of experience in obtaining peak market value. Join us in experiencing a legacy of excellence. At the heart of BRAUN International Real Estate is a commitment to you, ensuring that client-centric service remains our guiding principle!