Real Estate

Accurate, proven and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment. BRAUN is unmatched in real estate valuation expertise. Enshrined rich in the company’s long history, real estate valuation includes but is not limited to: Commercial, Office, Industrial, Hospitality, Special use, Health care, Retail, Residential, Oil and Gas, Agricultural, Land, and many more.

Not all transactions are the same. And neither should the transaction structure be. Types of valuations BRAUN provides are:

  • Fee simple
  • Leased fee
  • Leasehold
  • Fair Rental Value
  • Eminent domain
  • Appraisal reviews

BRAUN’s appraisals are used for:

  • Financing and Lending,
  • Estate and gift taxation,
  • Divorce,
  • Bankruptcy,
  • Litigation,
  • Expert testimony,
  • Insurance,
  • Property tax disputes,
  • Cost segregation,
  • Allocate business purchase price among business assets,
  • Establish a formula for estimating the value of partners’ ownership interest for buy-sell agreements,
  • Many other business and legal purposes.