Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

1. How long does it take to market my property and conduct the auction?

BRAUN’s marketing campaigns are most effective over a 75-day period culminating with the auction.  However, we tailor our marketing program to each property and situation.  In addition, we offer 30 and 60-day marketing programs if necessary or deemed beneficial to the client.  When the gavel falls, it’s sold.

2. What are the three types of auctions?

Reserve, Published Minimum Reserve and Absolute.

3. What do you charge to sell my property?

As the seller, you pay ZERO commission; the buyer pays it. Traditionally, sellers pay 5-6% in real estate commissions to sell a property. At BRAUN, we charge no commissions and take no salary for our effort. Your fee may be limited to the marketing costs necessary to expose your property. In other words, every dollar we spend is spent to advertise and promote your property.

4. How fast can we close?

Closings can take place the day of the sale. Typically, however, BRAUN performs 30-day closes without contingencies.

5. Can I sell my property without contingencies?

Yes. BRAUN sells all properties “as-is” and without any contingencies whatsoever.

6. If a broker brings a buyer to the auction, how are they compensated?

We believe a Broker should be fully compensated for bringing a successful buyer to an auction.  Therefore, BRAUN pays the “Buyer’s Broker” commission directly.  The seller pays nothing.

7. How do I know what fair market value is?

BRAUN’s bank-trained, lender approved, certified senior appraisers complete an exhaustive analysis.  Together with our marketing team and local experts, they determine what the auction sales range is.

8. What if the highest bid is not satisfactory to me?

In a reserve auction, the seller has the sole discretion to sell or not sell the subject property.  In an absolute auction, you may be surprised by the large number of bidders, and in turn, by the higher selling price.

9. Can you do valuations for estate planning purposes with retrospective dates?

Yes. We can do estate planning valuations and undertake retrospective appraisals if needed.  This comprises a large part of our practice.

10. What do you charge for a valuation?

The fee varies on the type of report, its purpose, and use.

11. Do you do cost segregation?

Yes. We have a full service department that handles the project from land value to final breakdown.

12. Do you have experience testifying as experts and do you have in court testimony experience?

Yes, in most Courts, including Federal, State, and Bankruptcy.

13. Does this coverage include both real estate and business assets?


14. What geographic area do you cover?

We have offices and partners in nearly every market in the United States, with the exception of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

15. Have you sold real estate for fiduciaries or receivers?

Yes. We have provided both brokerage and/or BRAUN’s WorldBid auction platforms to fiduciaries and for receivers.  Additionally, BRAUN’s sales have been approved by the probate court in both overbid and/or confirmation sales.

16. Do you have experience in appraisals and valuations?

Yes.  BRAUN has certified and experienced valuation professionals which specialize in estate/trust/probate, litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, and business assets.  They have over a hundred years in this field combined and are trusted by leading banks, lawyers, fiduciaries, trusted advisors, CPA’s and receivers.