Braun’s clients (and prospective clients) have experienced the incredible results of our global bespoke marketing campaigns. Clients understand the powerful results these campaigns provide, including global exposure with hundreds of thousands of impressions, targeted media coverage, grassroots marketing tactics…and so much more. What our clients may not know is the behind-the-scenes action involved in creating, executing and analyzing these campaigns in a matter of days or weeks. Let’s uncover the teamwork it takes to launch a bespoke marketing campaign that can reach millions…

1. Research, research, research – Our internal teams exhaustively research your property, your situation, your market, target demographics, and more. The research phase culminates in the creation of your target buyer and market to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

2. Creative brainstorming and asset creation – Our team of photographers, videographers, and designers work together to put together a host of assets including: custom property videos, websites, and high resolution photography to be used throughout the advertising campaign.

3. Designers go to work – The talented design team uses the research gathered plus assets available to create beautiful images, print ads, digital ads, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, social media tiles and more to be displayed to your target audience throughout the course of the campaign.

4. Media planners/buyers launch ads – Braun has an exclusive partnership to allow access and best pricing to the world’s finest publications. We ensure top placement in the very best sections of our chosen publications, and our media buying team works to achieve maximum reach/frequency to target buyers.

5. Analysis/optimization – Internal marketing teams work together to constantly analyze and optimize each of your campaigns. We’ll make changes on daily or weekly basis as needed. Clients are offered status reports and marketing updates as often as needed. Analysis and optimization ensures budget effectiveness up to the day of the auction and sale.

All of these steps, departments, and teams work together to ensure the success of each of our global bespoke marketing campaigns, culminating in the sale of your property on the date of your choosing. Let’s partner together so you can learn the ins and outs of what our marketing team can bring to your property.