Braun recently welcomed Michelle Berns to our team; she joins us as Regional Director. Meet Michelle!

Where are you from and where did you attend school?
I attended the University of WI with a major in Communications.

How did you end up in Manhattan Beach?
I was born in California, but I moved to the Midwest with my family when I was entering junior high school. I adore the Midwest; however, with my background in marketing, technology and entertainment, the exposure in California offered so many opportunities in my interests…so I knew I needed to make it my home.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
Yoga and hiking both enrich and energize me most and by including these activities in my schedule, along with my art and entertainment interests, I’m able to assist my family, friends and customers. Lastly, I love spending my time giving back to nonprofit organizations such as ASCPA and World Animal Welfare Protection.

Why did you join Braun?
I joined Braun for the opportunity to work at a hybrid agency. I wanted a place to be creative in providing real estate solutions for my current and prospective clients. I love having the ability use real estate to complement my strategic marketing consultancy. Braun helped me to do just that. Our philosophies of being creative and flexible with a spirited team was important to professionally, creatively and effectively partner with prospects and clients as it pertains to their real estate needs,

What is your primary role?
I’m the Regional Director. I partner with many of the top Realtors, brokerages, builders, developers, wealth advisers, attorneys and CPAs to provide unique and viable real estate services and solutions. Whether it’s an auction, a traditional brokerage process or a minority interest sale, the customer’s need always determines the options I present. My plans are to expand my business even further, internationally.

What is your primary strength you offer to clients?
Relentless follow up, flexibility and perseverance. I create unique strategies that many traditional brokers either cannot or will not in the marketplace. It’s all about meeting the needs of my clients in the market the best I can while giving them viable, proven strategic options. This, in turn, helps me deliver the best opportunities, solutions and overall results for my customers.

What career advice do you have to offer?
Have the end goal in mind and do your best to persevere towards that goal. A positive mindset is vital even in the face of adversity. I believe challenges and setbacks bring us closer to who we are, while making us even better in what we do. ​ ​