Todd Wohl and Dave Isackson recently returned as Braun representatives from the 2016 NTREA Conference held in Chicago, IL. The NTREA Conference is an annual 3-day educational and developmental forum, featuring presentations by national speakers who provide information for the purpose of helping members better perform their duties as trust real estate property and asset managers. For the 2016 Conference, Todd Wohl gave a well-regarded and popular presentation providing an overview of Braun’s MIMX platform and auction services.

The presentation was well received, and many NTREA members were excited about the ways that Braun could provide solutions for their clients.  In addition to the business at hand, attendees were encouraged to enjoy the host city through Chicago’s famous architectural tours via boat, networking and mixing opportunities, and dinners with clients and fellow attendees. Braun appreciates the warm reception and looks forward to continuing our work with fellow NTREA members, as well as future conferences to come. You can view a copy of our 2016 NTREA Presentation here.