Braun at NTCH 2015

Braun Worldbid continues to educate the business community about our market-making MICRE Sales Platform, and we’ve just returned from the National Trust Closely Held Business Association’s 40th Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our fellow attendees included representatives from...

Word of the Day: Bespoke

At Braun Worldbid, we spend a lot of our time talking about our bespoke manner of doing business. From bespoke marketing plans to bespoke sales platforms, we do a lot of things in a “bespoke” manner. But, what exactly does "bespoke" mean and what does it have to do with how we do business?

The Braun Difference

Why Braun? Check out the latest episode of Braun Beat to learn about our extensive (and 100+ year long) track record of providing solutions to instituationl clients large and small, as well as our unparalleled industry expertise and proven ability to find buyers, no matter where they are. Hosted by Todd Wohl, Senior Partner.

Sold Prior to Auction – Orchard Supply Hardware

One of Braun Worldbid’s most focused area of expertise is in the field of auctions. We’re certified experts in the auction business, and our team holds every auctioneer’s certification possible and is frequently called on as an international auction expert.

Employee Spotlight: Peyton Toomey

"I’m just celebrating my one year anniversary as the Marketing Director here. It was important to me to find a new challenge with a strong leadership charge and work for an innovator in the specific industry. Real Estate has always spoken to me as a calling."

Exceeding Value by 290%

It’s rare when a company can say that meet an appraised value, let alone exceed it.  Braun is making history, as one of the first businesses to curate the sales and auctions of Partnership Interests in real estate and other entities.  And, we’re starting off with a bang.   Our last Partnership Interest sale exceeded the appraised value by 290%.

2015 PFAC Conference

Braun Worldbid just returned from an invigorating and informative 2015 PFAC Conference, which was held in San Francisco from April 22-25, 2015. Presented by The Professional Fiduciary’s Association of California, Braun was proud to be a high level sponsor, presenter and host of the First Annual Client Appreciation Party....

Braun and Coca Cola

What does Braun have in common with historic, renowned companies such as Ford, Coca Cola, Exxon Mobile, GE and Chevron?  What advantages does Braun have over companies like Pepsi, Walmart, and McDonalds?   Braun has been in business for over a hundred years, joining the top 0.05% of companies in the world who... [...]

Upcoming Retail Properties Auction!

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Are Your Clients Aware of Cost Segregation?

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